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What is remarketing, actually?

Remarketing means finding a new destination for used cars in larger quantities. The term ‘remarketing’ was first coined in the world of automobile leasing, bulk traders and car rental companies. These sell the cars which are at the end of their period of use in greater volume, usually to car wholesaler’s who are able to deal with these quantities financially, logistically as well as commercially. With this, the sales method varies. The local garage owner or dealer finds his way to the wholesaler's because he can buy exactly the cars he finds interesting, fast and wholly without any obligations, without it costing him too much time.



Beernink & de Bekker | Global Car Company also inspects all cars purchased using the most up-to-date digital methods. Hereby, attention is given not only to value decreasing damages but also to value increasing options. Naturally, the actual condition is verified against the condition given at the time of the original transaction because we would like to keep everything clip and clear for our buyers.

Customers’ wishes

Besides our own cars, we inspect cars that are not ours because our business contacts sometimes find this a pleasant option, for example, when their own means of transportation, inspection, storage and repair/upkeep are not or not adequately available. We consider ourselves a wholesaler with a plus!



Remarketing and logistics

The logistic process forms an important part of the total remarketing process. Please bear in mind planning, transportation, storage and the handling of vehicles. After this follows, of course, the sale of the automobiles whereupon the planning, transportation and storage ensues. Are you looking for an experienced partner? Please contact us!

What do our logistic services encompass?

From the end of contract intake at the driver’s location to delivery of the car to a new foreign owner, you can leave everything up to our team of logistic remarketing specialists. In this, our own service is complete and if we happen to miss something we can fall back on an extensive network of parts suppliers with whom we actively work together so that the logistics entailed in remarketing run efficiently and at the lowest costs for you.




Remarketing and valuation

A good appraisal is based on several benchmarks. To begin with, we look at the internet retail price and the list price value which are then placed alongside previous transactions, marketability and expected turnaround time. After all, the list price does not constitute a final bid but is merely a static method for determining what the value of a car should be.

What is the true value of a car?

Even though the value of a car is determined by the market, the value of a car depends partly on the purpose for which it is assessed. An automobile which is free (of liability) to be sold and not meant for immediate resale simply brings more than when the same car must be sold very quickly.

If necessary, at the client’s request, our assessor will make a substantial report in which several values are provided and whereby for example, the value in day to day economic dealings, the value on the commercial market and the liquidation value are taken into consideration. In fact, our licensed assessor has an assessor's certificate which he obtained by taking a test of competence through the TMV, or the Federation of Assessors, Estate Agents, and Auctioneers. This certificate is of importance when it comes to various types of assessment, such as insolvency, for example. 


Sales methods

Remarketing and sales methods

From striking a bargain to negotiating to making quick deals, all sales methods have already been around for hundreds of years. However, because of the internet, many basic forms have been further developed resulting in a whole range of possibilities. We can imagine that you sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees. In the end it’s about finding the best price and that’s why sales methodology is important. Beernink & de Bekker | Global Car Company has more than 25 years of experience in the automotive remarketing world and knows it inside out. This knowledge is at the disposal of our business partners completely without obligation when serving our mutual interests. Are you interested in well-substantiated advice? We would love to exchange ideas with you! 

How transparent is a sales channel?

Beernink & de Bekker | Global Car Company knows the world of remarketing from A to Z because we deal with it actively on a daily basis. From the moment you leave remarketing your cars up to us you get the full benefit of our knowledge and experience. One particular sales channel is sometimes better suited for a specific car than another. Here's how it works, it's very simple and transparent: you pay us a set fee per car for intake, logistics, sales and reportage. In consultation with you we determine the best sales channel and notify you about all of the expected costs and profits.  



Maintenance & repair

Sell or re-deploy?

When you let Beernink & de Bekker handle the remarketing or management of your fleet of (rental) cars, this will give you the opportunity to use our garage. After all, it may be that you decide to re-deploy a car but that maintenance and repair should take place before handover. Our own garage has state of the art equipment and can carry out maintenance and repairs for every brand conform to manufacturers’ guidelines. Minor and major damage repairs also belong to the usual jobs, just as MOT tests. All work is carried out by MOT qualified first mechanics. Our garage is approved by Innovam as a company certified to train apprentices. For various business partners our mechanics have performed complex repairs, for example on cars that are being re-deployed in a lease fleet once again. We do this exactly according to your wishes: a job well done but with a sharp eye on the total costs. Interested? Just contact us



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