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The Show Must Go On!

Cars are traded in or returned from lease agreements. Naturally, you won't wish to sell all your cars to end users, even if it were only to maintain your cash position. Auto Beernink & de Bekker | Global Car Company is a modern car wholesaler which is, through an extensive, international network of buyers, capable of trading your cars fast, at the right markets and in any desired amount.

Change equals opportunities!

By constantly concentrating on favourable trading areas, our services are of extra added value to you. Hereby, we always focus on the long term and see our suppliers as business partners with whom we wish to do business with in a constructive way for many long years to come. Interested? Set up an appointment today and who knows, your cars may already be sold to the client from Poland or Scandinavia next week!



Where do we purchase our cars?

In order to meet the demands of our buyers Auto Beernink & de Bekker | Global Car Company makes use of all available purchase channels, both in person as well as online, in the whole of Europe. The cars which we buy come mainly from: 

  • dealers
  • car-lease companies
  • importers
  • car-rental companies
  • bulk traders
  • bankruptcy trustees
  • auctioneer’s

Do you belong to one of these target groups and are you interested in a stable business partner?
We bid you a hearty welcome!




Auto Beernink & de Bekker | Global Car Company appraises hundreds of cars every day. Depending on your wishes, this takes place via the telephone or by means of a complete digital intake report. We react swiftly and, in the case of an internet estimate, even within 30 minutes. The more accurate the data we receive from you, the better we are able to give you a precise estimate. Not only should a complete description be included but also full delivery date details. Auto Beernink & de Bekker | Global Car Company guarantees the appraised value for the mutually agreed upon time frame. Are you interested in our appraisals? Please contact us!

Licensed assessors

We have, at our disposal, licensed assessors who are readily at hand for all types of appraisals. This includes the liquidation value, the value in day to day economic dealings, etc. This service is used by trustees, creditors, or normal people who want to have their car appraised in connection with additional tax liability or for insurance purposes. Additionally, these type of appraisals are carried out during take-over purchases. It goes without saying, of course, that you will receive one estimate per car!




Settlement of Purchase Transactions
Beernink & de Bekker | Global Car Company has a team of professionals at its disposal who are capable to serve you efficiently and who are equipped to handle not only sales transactions, but also financing, administration and logistics.

This way, Beernink & de Bekker | Global Car Company can settle transactions of virtually every magnitude in the areas of payment, logistics and documentation, fast and efficiently. You can rely on us!



Transportation of purchased vehicles 

Our logistics department is an important key in the whole process because it sees to a flawless settlement of our transactions in all of Europe. To achieve this, we make use of various specialised carriers and of our own materials, of course. In this manner, we reach maximal efficiency and you profit from the shortest possible turnaround time.


Purchasing private

Do you wish to sell your own privately-owned vehicle?

Use our Purchasing Service!

For a short time now, you're also welcome to sell us your privately-owned vehicle. Please do note: we remain a wholesale company. In effect, this simply means that both we and our buyers (usually car dealers) make money on the deal. Therefore, you will receive a lower amount of money than you would for similar priced cars found on the internet. The reason for this is simple: there will always be a difference between the cost price and the retail price! Nonetheless, you will still be surprised how well we pay you, even as a layman, for a marketable car. This is possible because many people expect the margins in the car business to be much larger than they really are.

What type of Cars are we interested in?

For the Dutch market, we are mainly interested in recent, well-maintained cars with mileages up to 120,000 km.

Besides the Dutch market, we also serve foreign markets where often other demands prevail. For example, mileage tends to be less important, the price, however, more so. Here, we prefer VAT cars (cars on which you, as entrepreneur, did receive an advance tax rebate on VAT) with a diesel engine and a first registration after 15 October 2006 and with a high catalogue price. 

How is the Sales Procedure Organised?

The procedure for selling your car is very simple indeed: you need only to contact one of our salespeople by phone. He or she will ask you some questions and ask you to mail some pictures of your car. Next, you will receive the offer. If you are agreed to the bid, we will then set up an appointment in Enschede to transfer ownership of the car. At our office, we then verify whether the car meets your description and if you have all the required registration papers. While you are enjoying your coffee, we make a test drive and an expert purchasing agent will then inspect the car visually and technically. If all is satisfactory, you will immediately receive your notice of release of liability and we will transfer the agreed amount directly into your account. The speed of the procedure is of major benefit to you– no visitors at your door, nor do you have to wait for the outcome of an auction or bidding system. Interested? We gladly welcome you!




Exporting via the Global Car Company

In 2008 we started up the Global Car Company in Germany. This arouse from our ambition to work actively at the European marketplace level. Germany is size wise Europe’s largest single market, and is visited often by buyers from other countries. Many cars that we buy in the Netherlands find, by way of our branch in Germany, their way to other countries in Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Scandinavia. Our main markets for the export of cars in 2013 were Poland, Rumania, Lithuania, The Czech Republic and France.

As of September 2013 we operate directly from a new A1 location in Lohne-Wietmarschen, situated directly on the A31. The purchasing of cars in the Netherlands is mainly driven from our Dutch branch, whilst the foreign buyer remains in contact with our German Sales team. Both offices are approximately 30 minutes apart, making the export of your car speedy and efficient.


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