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A successful company cant't exist without good suppliers and other partners. In our case we have a number of suppliers that have rendered us excellent service for years. We wil gladly share them with you!


Dutch Car Traders

Together with partners in the branch we have set up a cooperative association which supports its members in their activities: The Dutch Car Traders. The aim is to take the Dutch automotive remarketing branch to a higher level. In addition, our collective seal of approval DCT-OK ensures quality and transparency for sellers and buyers. Dutch Car Traders consists of 16 professional members who jointly market approximately 65,000 cars per year. Shared activities include:

• a joint remarketing enterprise via the DCT online auction
• the start off of a standardized form of inspection: DCT-OK 
• the creation of a platform for questions about laws and rules
• joint issue solving with regards to claims, contracts, etc.

Dutch Car Traders Coöperatie Automotive Remarketeers U.A.
Postbus 159
6660 AE Elst (Gld)
The Netherlands




Autotelex, which is active since 1964, is specialized in detailed vehicle information and the values of vehicles.

This professional provider continuously feeds its database with relevant, current and objective information from a large network. The reputation of Autotelex is such that when a car is imported from abroad on the basis of the market value, Customs will accept the market value according to Autotelex!
Autotelex B.V.
Jansbuitensingel 20
6811 AD Arnhem
The Netherlands

Postbus 1255
6801 BG Arnhem
The Netherlands

T +31 263700080 / Auto-Imports T +31 900 2886835
F +31 263700040





VWE vehicle information and documentation provides a wide range of services for the automotive sector. This includes services in the area of:

• detailed vehicle information
• the exportation and importation of vehicles
• trade and sales

Auto Beernink & de Bekker | Global Car Company has made use of various VWE services to its satisfaction for years.

VWE voertuiginformatie en -documentatie
W.M. Dudokweg 37
1703 DA Heerhugowaard
The Netherlands

Postbus 198
1700 AD Heerhugowaard
The Netherlands

T +31 88 8937001
F +31 88 893 7007





VDC Vehicle Documentation Centre

VDC renders services in the area of tax on passenger cars and motorcycles (declarations and refunds). We increasingly use this type of service for the simple reason that we are importing and exporting more and more.

Voertuig Documentatie Centrum
De Overmaat 42
6831 AJ Arnhem
The Netherlands

T +31 9000400325
F +31 263230968


L. van Zandwijk Autotransport





L. van Zandwijk Auto Transport B.V. is a supplier we have been really enthusiastic about for years and years.
This all-round carrier of passenger cars and light commercial cars has a no-nonsense culture and reliable planning. Its fleet is found daily in several European countries.      

L. van Zandwijk Autotransport B.V.
Grote Kerkstraat 8
4261 BD Wijk & Aalburg
The Netherlands

T +31 416691719
F +31 416691522




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